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AP®︎/College Biology (K-A)

AP®︎/College Environmental science (K-A)

Bacteria and archaea (K-A)

Behavioral biology (K-A)

Biodiversity and conservation (K-A)

Bioinformatics (V-U)

Biology library

Biology library (K-A)

Biology Urdu Dubbed Course (K-A)

Biostatistics for Biological and HS

Biotechnology (K-A)

Biotechnology (V-U)

Brain and Cognitive Sciences (M-I-T)

Cell Biology (V-U)

Cell division (K-A)

Cell signaling (K-A)

Cells and Cell Division (K-A)

Cellular and Molecular Pathology

Cellular respiration (K-A)

Central dogma (DNA to RNA to protein (K-A)

Chemistry of life (K-A)

Classical and molecular genetics (K-A)

Clinical and Translational Research Preparatory I (UCI)

Communication Networks in Protein Machines

COVID-19, SARS-CoV-2 and the Pandemic (Fall 2021) (M-I-T)

Crash Course: Biology and Ecology (K-A)

Developmental biology (K-A)

Disparities In Healthcare (UCI)

DNA as the genetic material (K-A)

DNA to Organisms (UCI)

Ecology (K-A)

Energy and enzymes (K-A)

Evolution and the tree of life (K-A)

Foundations of Computational and Systems Biology (M-I-T)

Fundamental of Microbiology

Fundamentals Of Biology (M-I-T)

Gene regulation (K-A)

General Biochemistry (Spring 2020)

Getting up to Speed in Biology

Global Problems of Population Growth (Yale)

Health Information System (M-I-T)

Health Sciences and Technology (M-I-T)

High school biology (K-A)

History of life on Earth (K-A)

Human Behavioral Biology (Stanford)

Human biology (K-A)

Intro to biology (K-A)

Introduction to Biology (M-I-T)

Introductory Biology

Introductory Biology (Fall 2018) (M-I-T)

Macromolecules (K-A)

Major Histocompatibility

Mathematical Biology (UCI)

Meet the biology professional (K-A)

Membranes and transport (K-A)

Molecular Biology (M-I-T)

Molecular Biology (UCI)

Neuroscience (Oxford)

NMR Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) - Theory and Applications

Organisms to Ecosystems (UCI)

Photosynthesis (K-A)

Physics of COVID-19 Transmission (Fall 2020) (M-I-T)

Plant biology (K-A)

Principles of Evolution, Ecology and Behavior (Yale)

Principles of physiology (K-A)

Properties of carbon (K-A)

Protein Structure Determination and Analysis by NMR

Public Health Practicum and Culminating Experience (UCI)

Regulation of biofilm formation in Escherichia coli

Smart Membranes for Medical Diagnostic Biosensors

STEM Concept Videos (M-I-T)

Structure of a cell (K-A)

Studying for the AP Biology exam? (K-A)

Systems Biology (M-I-T)

Techniques in Neurosciences

The Role of Natural Products in Infections and Inflammation

Viruses (K-A)

Water, acids, and bases (K-A)

Zoology (V-U)


Acids and bases (K-A)

Advance Organic Chemistry (UCI)

Alkanes, cycloalkanes, and functional groups (K-A)

Amines (KA)

Applied Catalysis: Added Value to Chemical Industry

AP®︎/College Chemistry (K-A)

Asymmetry In X-Ray Crystallography and Absolute Structures-An Advanced Approach

Atoms, compounds, and ions (K-A)

Biological Chemistry I (Spring 2013) (M-I-T)

Biological Chemistry II (Spring 2016) (M-I-T)

Buffers, titrations, and solubility equilibria (K-A)

Characterization of Solid Catalysts (General)

Chemical bonds (K-A)

Chemical equilibrium (K-A)

Chemical reactions (stoichiometry) (K-A)

Chemical reactions and stoichiometry (K-A)

Chemistry Laboratory Techniques (January IAP 2012) (M-I-T)

Chemistry Urdu Dubbed Course (K-A)

Class 10 Chemistry (K-A)

Computational Chemistry I: Introduction to DFT and Applications (2020) (VEPP)


Electronic structure of atoms (K-A)

Findings from Mass Spectrometric Data and How to solve the Mass Spectra

Freshman Organic Chemistry I (Yale)

Gases and kinetic molecular theory (K-A)

General Chemistry Review (KA)

High school chemistry beta (K-A)

Inorganic Chemistry (UCI)

Introduction to Catalysis and Fundamentals of Heterogeneous Catalysis (General)

Introduction to Computational Chemistry with Emphasis in DFT Methodology (2019)

Kinetics (K-A)

Laboratory Chemistry (Fall 2019) (M-I-T)

Materials Science and Engineering (M-I-T)

Meet the chemistry professional (K-A)

Natural Products and Synthetic Organic Chemistry

Nuclear chemistry (K-A)

Organic chemistry (K-A)

Organic Chemistry 51B (UCI)

Organic Chemistry 51C (UCI)

Oxidation Reduction (K-A)

Periodic table (K-A)

Physical Chemistry (Fall 2017) (M-I-T)

Principles Of Chemical Science

Protein Chemistry

Reaction Rates (K-A)

Redox reactions and electrochemistry (K-A)

Region and stereoselective syntheses

Scientific Computing Skills (UCI)

Small Molecule Spectroscopy and Dynamics (M-I-T)

States of matter and intermolecular forces (K-A)

Studying for the AP Chemistry exam? (K-A)

Teaching College-Level Science And Engineering (Spring 2009) (M-I-T)

Theoretical and Practical Aspects of XRD Analysis

Thermodynamics (K-A)

Thermodynamics and Kinetics (M-I-T)

Transition Metal Catalysis (General)

X-ray Crystallography


A 2020 Vision of Linear Algebra (M-I-T)

Advanced Differential Equations (V-U)

Advanced Linear Algebra (V-U)

Algebra 1 (K-A)

Algebra 3 (K-A)

Algebra I (K-A)

Algebra II (K-A)

Applied Category Theory (January IAP 2019)

AP® Statistics

AP®︎ Calculus AB (K-A)

AP®︎ Calculus BC (K-A)

AP®︎/College Calculus BC

AP®︎/College Statistics (K-A)

Arithmetic (all content) (K-A)

Arithmetic (K-A)

Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra (KA)

Basic geometry (K-A)

Business Mathematics And Statistics (V-U)


Calculus (KA)

Calculus (M-I-T)

Calculus 1 (K-A)

Calculus 2 (K-A)

Calculus And Analytical Geometry (V-U)

Calculus II (UCI)

Class 10 math (K-A)

Commutative Algebra (V-U)

Complex Analysis and Differential Geometry (V-U)

Computational Science and Engineering I (Fall 2008) (M-I-T)

Differential Equations

Differential Equations (Fall 2011) (M-I-T)

Differential equations (K-A)

Differential Equations (Spring 2010) (M-I-T)

Differential Equations, Fall 2011 (M-I-T)

Discrete Mathematics (V-U)

Early math (K-A)

Elementary Mathematics (V-U)

Eureka Math/EngageNY (K-A)

Functional Analysis (V-U)

General Mathematics (V-U)

General Mathematics and Biostatistics (V-U)

Geometry (all content) (K-A)

Graph Theory and Additive Combinatorics, Fall 2019 (M-I-T)

Group Theory (V-U)

High School Geometry (K-A)

High School Math (K-A)

High school statistics (K-A)

Introduction to Computational Thinking (Fall 2020) (M-I-T)

Introduction To MATLAB Programming (Fall 2011) (M-I-T)

Introduction to Probability and Statistics II (UCI)

Learn Differential Equations (M-I-T)

Learn Differential Equations: Up Close with Gilbert Strang and Cleve Moler (M-I-T)

Linear Algebra (Fall 2011) (M-I-T)

Linear algebra (K-A)

Linear Algebra (Spring 2010) (M-I-T)

Linear Algebra (V-U)

MAP Recommended Practice (K-A)

Math by grade (K-A)

Math Methods (UCI)

Math of Finance (UCI)

Math Urdu Dubbed Course (K-A)

Mathematical Methods (V-U)

Mathematical Methods for Engineers II (Spring 2006) (M-I-T)

Mathematics for Computer Science (M-I-T) (Fall 2010)

Mathematics I (K-A)

Mathematics II (K-A)

Mathematics III (K-A)

Matrix Methods in Data Analysis, Signal Processing, and Machine Learning (Spring 2018) (M-I-T)

Multivariable calculus (K-A)

Multivariable Calculus (V-U)

Numerical (V-U)

Numerical Analysis (V-U)

Operations Research (V-U)

Pre-algebra (K-A)

Pre-Calculus (UCI)

Precalculus (K-A)

Probability & Statistics (V-U)

Probability and Statistics (K-A)

Probability and Statistics (UCI)

Probability and Statistics Harvard

Real Analysis I (V-U)

Real Analysis II (V-U)

Recreational Mathematics

Single Variable Calculus (Fall 2006) (M-I-T)

Single Variable Calculus (Fall 2010) (M-I-T)

Statistics & probability (K-A)

Statistics and probability

Statistics and probability (K-A)

Statistics for Applications (Fall 2016) (M-I-T)

System Functions and the Laplace Transform (Spring 2019) (M-I-T)

Topics in Mathematics with Applications in Finance (Fall 2013) (M-I-T)

Topics in Numerical Methods (V-U)

Topology (V-U)

Trigonometry (K-A)

Vectors and Classical Mechanics (V-U)


Advanced Quantum Mechanics (STF)

AP®︎/College Physics 1 (K-A)

AP®︎/College Physics 2 (K-A)

Atomic and Optical Physics I (M-I-T)

Atomic and Optical Physics II (M-I-T)

Basic Physics (UCI)

Basic Physics II (UCI)

Basic Physics III (UCI)

Breakthrough Junior Challenge (K-A)

Centripetal force and gravitation (K-A)

Circuit Theory (V-U)

Circuits (K-A)

Class 10 Physics (K-A)

Classical Mechanics (Fall 1999) (M-I-T)

Classical Physics (UCI)

Convex Optimization (Stanford)

Cosmic Origin Of The Chemical Elements (Fall 2019) (M-I-T)

Cosmology (UCI)

Cosmology and astronomy (K-A)

Discoveries and projects (K-A)

Effective Field Theory (Spring 2013) (M-I-T)

Einstein's General Relativity and Gravitation (UCI)

Electric charge, field, and potential (K-A)

Electricity and Magnetism: Electrostatics

Electricity and Magnetism: Magnetic Fields and Forces

Electricity and Magnetism: Maxwell’s Equations

Electromagnetic waves and interference (K-A)

Exploring Black Holes: General Relativity & Astrophysics (Spring 2003) (M-I-T)

Fluids (K-A)

Forces and Newton's laws of motion (K-A)

Fundamentals of Physics I (Yale)

General Relativity (Stanford)

General Relativity, Spring 2020 (M-I-T)

Geometric optics (K-A)

High school physics (K-A)

Impacts and linear momentum (K-A)

Intro to Fluid Mechanics (UCI)

Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics (Fall 2020) (M-I-T)

Introduction to Thermodynamics (UCI)

Introductory Quantum Mechanics II (M-I-T)

Life in the Universe (UCI)

Magnetic forces, magnetic fields, and Faraday's law (K-A)

Mechanics: Kinematics and Dynamics

Mechanics: Momentum and Energy

Mechanics: Rotational Dynamics

Mechanics: Simple Harmonic Motion

Modern Physics: Classical Mechanics (Stanford)

Modern Physics: Cosmology (Stanford)

Modern Physics: Quantum Mechanics (Stanford)

Modern Physics: Special Relativity (Stanford)

Modern Physics: Statistical Mechanics (Stanford)

One-dimensional motion (K-A)

Oscillations and mechanical waves (K-A)

Particle Physics: Basic Concepts (Stanford)

Physics III: Vibrations And Waves (Fall 2004) (M-I-T)

Physics library

Physics Urdu Dubbed Course (K-A)

Physics. (V-U)

Quantum Entanglements Fall 2006 (Stanford)

Quantum Information Science

Quantum Mechanics (Oxford)

Quantum Physics (K-A)

Quantum Physics I (M-I-T)

Quantum Physics II (Fall 2013) (M-I-T)

Quantum Physics III (Spring 2018) (M-I-T)

Reducing the Danger of Nuclear Weapons and Proliferation (M-I-T)

Review for AP Physics 1 exam (K-A)

Science from Superheroes to Global Warming (UCI)

Semiconductors (K-A)

Special relativity (K-A)

Statistical Mechanics (Stanford)

Statistical Mechanics I: Statistical Mechanics of Particles (Fall 2013) (M-I-T)

Statistical Mechanics II: Statistical Physics of Fields (Spring 2014) (M-I-T)

String Theory and Holographic Duality (M-I-T)

The Early Universe (Fall 2013) (M-I-T)

Thermodynamics (K-A)

Torque and angular momentum (K-A)

Two-dimensional motion (K-A)

Vibrations and Waves

Vibrations and Waves (M-I-T)

Vibrations and Waves Problem Solving (Fall 2012) (M-I-T)

Work and energy (K-A)