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Advanced Quantum Mechanics (STF)
AP®︎/College Physics 2 (K-A)
Atomic and Optical Physics I (M-I-T)
Atomic and Optical Physics II (M-I-T)
Basic Physics (UCI)
Basic Physics II (UCI)
Basic Physics III (UCI)
Breakthrough Junior Challenge (K-A)
Circuit Theory (V-U)
Classical Mechanics (Fall 1999) (M-I-T)
Classical Physics (UCI)
Convex Optimization (Stanford)
Cosmic Origin Of The Chemical Elements (Fall 2019) (M-I-T)
Cosmology (UCI)
Effective Field Theory (Spring 2013) (M-I-T)
Einstein's General Relativity and Gravitation (UCI)
Electricity and Magnetism: Electrostatics
Electricity and Magnetism: Magnetic Fields and Forces