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Cell Biology (V-U)
Philosophy of Science
Chinese Language Program (VEPP)
Arabic Language (VEPP)
NMR Spectroscopy of Biological Molecules
Communication Networks in Protein Machines
The Role of Natural Products in Infections and Inflammation
Theoretical and Practical Aspects of XRD Analysis
Biostatistics for Biological and HS
Medical Microbiology
Fundamental of Microbiology
Biologics (Protein Biopharmaceutical)
Basic French Language (VEPP)
Lab. Safety & Security
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) - Theory and Applications
The Useful NMR Experiments and NMR in Viscous Solvents
Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Technique-Basic Principles
Findings from Mass Spectrometric Data and How to solve the Mass Spectra
Applied Catalysis: Added Value to Chemical Industry
German Language (VEPP)
Crisis and Crisis Management (VEPP)
X-ray Crystallography
Region and stereoselective syntheses
Cellular Motility Molecular Physiology and Pharmacology of Contractile and Structural Proteins
Introduction to computational Chemistry with Emphasis in SGT Methodology