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Advanced Transportation and Logistics Management (V-U)
Business Ethics (V-U)
Change Management (V-U)
Conflict Management (V-U)
Crisis and Crisis Management (VEPP)
Crisis Management (V-U)
Dynamic Leadership: Using Improvisation in Business (Fall 2004) (M-I-T)
Energy Decisions, Markets and Policies (Spring 2012)(M-I-T)
Enterprise Resource Planning (V-U)
Entrepreneurship (V-U)
Governance, Democracy and Society (V-U)
How to Win at Texas Hold'em Poker (January IAP 2016) (M-I-T)
Human Relations (V-U)
Human Resource Development (V-U)
Information Technology as an Integrating Force in Manufacturing (Spring 2003) (M-I-T)
International Business (V-U)
International Relations (V-U)
Introduction to Business (V-U)
Introduction to Public Administration (V-U)
Introduction to Public Policy (V-U)
Knowledge Management (V-U)
Leadership and Team Management (V-U)
Lean Research Skills for Conducting Interviews (Spring 2021) (M-I-T)
Management Skills (V-U)